Annuals & Perennials

Plant once and your done!  Perennials are easy, long lived, and make gardening a true delight - a real joy in anyone's life.

During the growing season, Wolf Hill has a collection of herbaceous perennials, ground covers, and winter hardy bulbs available.  Growing availability and the blooming season play a key role in which items we stock and when.  

Please ask if you're looking for a specific variety and we'll do our very best to get it for you.
Ipswich Department Manager
Steve Rudolph

Gloucester Department Manager
Colin Finn

  • We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with quality plant material with competitive pricing throughout our entire nursery.
  • We have knowledgeable employees to help with all of your gardening needs.  
  • Wolf Hill has an extensive variety of annuals and perennials each season.  During the months of May and June, we recieve fresh arrivals each week to ensure the freshest stock around!  Since we place new orders almost every week, if we don't have what you want... let us know and we will be happy to do all that we can to order it for you! 

An annual completes its life cycle in 1 year; it goes from seed to flower then dies.  Annuals are used to bring bright color and immediate satisfaction to the garden. 
Annuals are great for container plantings because you can change what goes into the container year after year.

A perennial can survive year after year.  Perennials die back to the ground in the winter however remain alive at the crown where the plant meets the soil.
Perennials are great for borders and to be used amongst foundation shrubs for color throughout the season.
We Do Container Plantings!!

At Wolf Hill we will plant up your containers 
for your enjoyment. 
Our expert staff will gladly help you pick out your flowers to use and recommend different color combinations that will work in a container planting. 

Common Name                    Latin Name                 Color  Light    Height      Bloom
YARROW, 'MOONSHINE'           Achillea x hybrida            Yellow  Sun/Part Shade   12"-18"     Summer
YARROW, 'APPLEBLOSSOM'         Achillea millefolium            Pink   Sun/Part Shade           12"-18"     Summer
YARROW, 'SUMMER PASTELS'       Achillea millefolium           Mixed    Sun     8"-24"  Early Summer
Bugleweed                               Ajuga                                            Shade           2”-4”     Late Spring
Carpet bugleweed                    Ajuga                                          Sun/Part Shade               2”-4”            Late Spring
Hollyhock                                  Alcea rosea                     Mixed  Sun/Part Shade       4'-6'               Spring
ARTEMISIA, 'SILVER MOUND'  Artemisia schmidtiana                 Sun/Part Shade            8"-10"              Summer
ASTER, 'PURPLE DOME'         Aster novi-angliae           Purple Sun                      12"-18"                  Early Fall
ALYSSUM, BASKET OF GOLD Aurinia saxatilis               Yellow Sun/Part Shade            10"-12"             Spring
COREOPSIS                             Coreopsis integrifolia       Gold  Sun/Part Shade           12"-18"               Fall
DELPHINIUM                             Delphinium x hybrida        Blue  Sun/Part Shade               3’-4’               Spring
SWEET WILLIAM                      Dianthus barbatus           Mixed Sun/Part Shade            12”-18”             Spring
BLEEDING HEART                   Dicentra spectabilis           Pink  Part Shade                    24"-36"                Mid Spring
FOXGLOVE                             Digitalis sp.                       Mixed Sun/Part Shade               3’-4’             Late Spring
CONEFLOWER, PURPLE        Echinacea purpurea        PurpleSun                               18”-24”                   Summer
Wolf Hill carries an array of perennials and are available in a multitude of sizes - from 1 qt. to 2 gallon.
A few perennials we carry are listed below with heights, sizes, and sun requirement:

Click here for a guide to perennials.  It lists descriptions, varieties, growing instructions, and bloom times.  This is provided to us from our vendor, The Plant Group. 

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