• Super Loam (BB5): Regular screened loam fortified with compost.  Best mix for new lawns and/or garden beds.  Great lawn top dress.  Completely natural.

  • Screened Loam (BB7):  Regular screened loam.  Great for new lawns or to build up an area.

  • Organic Compost (BB6):  BRICK ENDS FARM brand - 1/2" screened, very fine, superior quality.  Guaranteed all yard waste (tested weekly).  Use as a soil enhancer, top dressing for lawn, mulch on plant beds - can be spread with a bark blower.

Mulch is made from the bark of pine, spruce, or hemlock tree.  It helps retain moisture to roots and helps prevent the growth of weeds. Typical applications are around foundations, garden bed areas, hills, islands, and also for decorative purposes.

  • Dark Pine Mulch (BB17): A softwood blend of pine & spruce which creates a medium to dark brown - completely natural. 

  • Red Cedar Mulch (BB25): 100% cedar mulch. Bright red color - color enhanced. 

  • Red Hemlock Mulch (BB4): Reddish orange blend - color enhanced - will not fade - food grade coloring.

  • Aged Hemlock Mulch (BB8): Burgundy brown color - all natural - wonderful scent! 

  • Midnight Black Mulch(BB23):  Resists fading - enhanced mulch - very black color - food grade coloring - not harmful to the environment.

  • Dark Pine & Compost Mulch (BB20): Finely ground aged mulch fortified with compost, dark color, perfect for all beds. 100% mulch & compost.

  • Playground Mulch (BB19): Fine wood chips used under playground sets or garden paths - golden brown color -completely natural.

  • 3/8” Crushed (BB11): Fine crushed decorative stone – blue gray colors.

  • ¾” Crushed (BB1): Good for driveways, drainage, or concrete base – blue gray colors.

  • 1.5” Crushed (BB15): Harden muddy areas, good for drainage or coarse fill prior to concrete.

  • 3/8” Round (BB10): Used to enhance driveways/walkways – pea size mix of natural colors (tans, browns, whites).

  • ¾” Round (BB9): Used to enhance driveways, or create a desert look in your garden bed – golf ball size mix of natural colors (tans, browns, whites).

  • 1.5” Washed (BB29): Good for garden beds, drainage, rock gardens, ponds, dry river beds, and drip edges.  Egg size mix of natural colors (tans, browns, whites).

  • Stone Dust (BB2): Pulverized stone used for walkways and driveways instead of hot top – blue gray colors.

  • Road Pac (BB16): Driveway base; good under hot top or base before decorative stone, patios, and bricks.

  • Mason Sand (BB13): Fine, no stones, play sand – used between bricks or mix with mortar cement, under pavers, and swing sets.

  • Concrete Sand (BB14): Coarse sand; good for backfilling; lawn buildup; base under bricks; or mix with concrete cement.

  • Clam Shells (BB22): Processed in Massachusetts; great for driveways, walkways, garden paths, and for a poolside beach  effect.  Able to drive and walk on (barefoot not recommended), will create a soft white stone dust appearance after some compression.

Are you a contractor?  Click here to find out what Wolf Hill offers to our registered contractor and landscape customers.

Our fleet of familiar red trucks can accommodate your project needs and come equipped with friendly, professionally trained drivers.  Between our 1-ton dump trucks, our fleet of 6 wheel vehicles, or our Mofit pallet truck; there isn't any job we can’t handle! Our 1-ton trucks will deliver up to 3 yards of heavy materials (i.e. stones or sand) or 5 yards of light materials (mulches). Our 6-wheeler trucks will deliver up to 8 yards of heavy materials (i.e stones or sand) or 10 yards of light materials (mulches). Our Pallet trucks deliver up to 10 pallets of materials (wall stone, sod, pavers, etc.)
                                Landscape Supplies      *WE DELIVER!*

Here at Wolf Hill, we supply all of the bulk materials for your landscaping needs.  You will find that we the finest quality of screened loam for a perfect new lawn, peastone for a beautiful walkway, or compost for your exquisite gardens.    Whether its 10 yards of loam, 20 yards of stone, or 1 yard of mulch... we offer delivery for Cape Ann and the North Shore!  Our courteous staff takes pride in providing great customer service and delivering quality products in a timely manner.  We deliver almost everything we sell, from pallets of stone with our flat bed truck to truck loads of bulk materials.  Big or small, we deliver it all! 


104 Eastern Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-281-4480 (p)
978-282-0619 (f)
60 Turnpike Road
Ipswich, MA 01938
978-356-6342 (p)
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We proudly accept
  • Freshly delivered to Wolf Hill every Saturday.  
  • 1000 sqft or more can be special ordered for delivery Monday - Friday. Please call for details. 
  • Each strip is 2' wide by 5' long = 10 sqft.      
  • One pallet = 50 rolls or 500 sqft

Bagged Products
Stone Bagged Products:
  • Alpine Marble Chips
  • Mini Marble Chips
  • Brick Nuggets
  • Drainage Rock
  • Patio/Paver Base Step 1
  • Leveling Sand Step 2
  • Lava Rock
  • Pea Gravel
  • River Rock
  • Polished Exotic Pebbles 
(Avaliable in Black, Jade, Red & Striped)
Soil Bagged Products:
  • Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Premium Potting Soil
  • Coast of Maine Gardening Soil
  • Coast of Maine Lobster Compost
  • Coast of Maine Compost & Peat
  • Just Natural Garden Soil
  • Jolly Gardener Potting Soil
  • Jolly Gardener Top Soil
  • Jolly Gardener Shrub & Tree Planting Mix
  • Jolly Gardener Dehydrated Cow Manure
  • Jolly Gardener Composted Cow Manure
  • Miracle Gro Potting Mix
  • Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • Scotts Turf Builder Seeding Soil
  • Valfei All Purpose Potting Mix
  • Valfei Top Soil
Mulch Bagged Products:
All of our mulched bagged products are from Jolly Farmer
  • Black Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Dark Mulch
  • Hemlock Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Pine Mulch
  • Playground Mulch
  • Red Mulch
Additional Bagged Products:
  • Agway Fast Acting Lime
  • All Purpose Sand
  • Gypsum 
  • Jolly Gardener Play Sand
  • Pelletized Lawn Lime
  • Pulverized Garden Lime
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Sweet Peet
We recommend Coast of Maine's Penobscot Blend  Compost & Peat when you are planting new or transplanting old trees or shrubs. 
Scroll to bottom of linked page to bag calculator.
$1 of every delivery out of our Gloucester store is donated to the Gloucester Fireworks Fund!