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Looking to start a vegetable or herb garden this year?  We have everything you need to be successful.  We are fully stocked throughout the spring season with many varieties of your favorite vegetables and herbs, as well as some new and unusual ones.  Check us out early and often for the best selection.  If you don't see something you are looking for, let us know!  We will do our absolute best to get it for you.  

Seed Packets - We carry a few different lines of seed.  Some are certified as non-GMO, and there are a number of varieties that are organic and/or heirloom as well.  From basil and beets to tomatoes and thyme, we have you seed needs covered!

6-Packs - The grab-and-go easy way to get a garden started quickly and filled cheaply.  Six plugs ready to be planted.  A good option for the gardener wanting to fill a large area, or wanting a large number of one variety. 

4" Pots - A perfect sized pot for the gardener looking for a few different varieties and a mixed harvest from a single garden.

Patio Pot - A larger pot means a larger plant that is almost mature and doesn't need to be planted once it's brought home.  These pots are usually very close to fruiting so most of the work is already done.  Perfect to place on a patio, deck or porch and just harvest the fruit as it ripens. 

Want to do some research before shopping?  Check out this helpful link for a list of when to plant, broken down by Hardiness Zone (enter in your zip code to find out your hardiness zone.  Most of Northern MA and Southern NH is in the 6A zone):

Vegetable Planting Schedule by Hardiness Zone: 
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