Wholesale/Contractor Discount Application
Please fill out the information below to apply to get our wholesale/contractor discounts.  Once your information is reviewed, you will get a discount pertaining to your company's services offered.  Within a couple weeks, you will receive a packet in the mail explaining the discounts you will receive from now on at either Wolf Hill location and your account number.  Make sure you write a good description about what your company offers to your clients to get the best discount available.  We look forward to building a relationship with your company! 
Date of Application:
Business Name:
Federal ID Number:
Address of Business:
Business Phone Number:
Business Fax Number:
Billing Address (if different from above):
Owner/President Name:
Owner/President Contact Number:
Accounts Payable Contact Name:
Accounts Payable Contact Number:
Email Address:
Name of Employee(s) Authorized to use Account:
Describe your company and the services it offers:
By submitting this application, you (the undersigned) adhere to all of our TERMS & CONDITIONS.  You take full responsibility for unpaid invoices, insufficient funds from the institution it was drawn upon, and the actions of your employees representing the company stated on this application.  Any indebtedness incurred, the undersigned agrees that any amount unpaid after 30 days will be subject to interest charges at the rate of 1.5% per month until the unpaid amount is paid in full.  Additionally, the undersigned agrees to the responsibility for the reasonable cost of collection of any such unpaid amounts, including collection & attorney fee's.  

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The above fields marked with a star (*) are required if your company is going to pay by check for any purchase.  If those fields are not filled out, you will not be allowed to use a check as a form of payment at Wolf Hill, only cash or debit/credit card.